Saturday, February 11, 2012


Some of the exciting initiatives will be announced and described here.

One of these new efforts is this BLOG itself.

UCLA Faculty Women’s Club has a newly created blog : The main purpose is to regularly and frequently communicate information of interest to the membership of the UCLA FWC. The entries, published as discrete posts, are displayed chronologically so that the most recent entry appears first. As a flexible vehicle for sharing information between and among the FWC members, the blog may be viewed as an informal medium that encourages viewing and creating new contents.

The content of individual posts varies, and may include information about our general meetings, new members, and the executive board officers. Other sources are also available such as the historical perspective of the Club, its purpose, Special Interest Sections, and more. Blogging is seen as flexible medium to share recorded messages, individual journals, photos, special moments, and opinions.

When I created this BLOG in February 2012, I had envisioned a single place where any UCLA FWC member could contribute a post toward building a collective MEMORY of the UCLA Faculty Women's Club.

To get started, join in by signing into the site and become a “follower.” From there, simply follow the instructions that will be displayed on the screen.

Here are some TIPS for blogging.

The name LibraryViolets is my name as a blogger. So, when you see the name libraryviolets, don't delete the message.
Will discuss more at our Board Meeting.

In general, take a minute to navigate the screen and observe its layout. The screen is divided into several sections. The main text is in the left quad; table of content page is in the right column in addition to the place where you will be signing into the blog. The bottom part is reserved for your comments, notes, and threads.


Seventy-six Years of UCLA FWC PROGRAMS

Our Past President Phyllis Amboss (2009-2010) compiled Programs with corresponding speaker names. The list is arranged chronologically starting with the 1934-1935 school year. This will be uploaded here.

Zorana Ercegovac, Historian/Archivist 2010-2012 (nominated for President 2012-2013) has organized these Programs by topics. This too will be uploaded in Spring of 2012. The Introduction follows.

Introduction Note

Past President Phyllis Amboss prepared a document titled Seventy Five Years of Faculty Women’s Club Programs. This document, dated June 8, 2011, is available in paper and on disc. It is organized chronologically by date with corresponding speaker’s name and topic of presentation. The chronological arrangement allows one to search programs by date only and not by TOPIC. If you were interested in topics that were of interest to FWC over time, you would have to sequentially go through the 14-page document. This is what I did in this first cut analysis.

I wanted to answer the question, what is been presented at FWC Programs, 1934 to present? This represents the evolution of general themes, levels of interests and activities of FWC membership.

I pulled the TOPICS in the left column and listed them alphabetically both as general topics and related subtopics; all these appeared in actual programs. In addition, I created another column for specific NOTES. The field Notes has been created by tallying the number of times a given topic, for example music, has been presented as well as other characteristics associated with it.

The purpose of this analysis is to:

  • Inform the FWC about programming efforts, 1934-present
  • Facilitate our Board Membership in planning future program
  • Describe frequency, range and variety of topics, possible gaps, and correlations with historical and current events (e.g., political, foreign relations, economic, social, health, women’s issues)
  • Identify possible trends in the presented programs

This is work in progress, voluntary, and seeking your input and feedback.

UCLA Faculty Women's Club

Our Executive Board Meeting with Dianne Homsher and Susan Shemin as they finalize their Brochure (UCLA FWC since 1918)!

The UCLA Faculty Women’s Club welcomes faculty spouses, faculty, and administrative staff to join in the social and educational activities of the organization. Activities include six general meetings annually featuring topical speakers and approximately twenty special interest groups that meet weekly, bi-monthly or monthly according to the desires of the participants. See Calendar for specific dates. One of the oldest UCLA support groups on campus, founded in 1918, the organization focuses on social interaction and the awarding of student scholarships.

For details, please visit FWC's Constitution, History, Membership, the Executive Board as well as past presidents and announcements.