Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Welcome from your President

A message from your President, Zorana Ercegovac
I am honored to be the 90th President of the UCLA Faculty Women's Club, founded in 1918. I look forward to working with so many talented, dedicated, and resourceful women on the Executive Board and across the entire membership. Your incoming board is eager to offer six General Meetings, all held at the Faculty Center (see below about our speaker on October 16th). A highlight of the year is the Scholarship Dinner Meeting on February 5th honoring our accomplished FWC scholarship recipients.

Our Special Interest Sections are organized around various interests; examples include:

  • Athletic activities (e.g., biking, tennis, tai chi)
  • Social gatherings (e.g., let's do lunch, birthdays, international cooking, knitting)
  • Reading (e.g., book sections, play-reading)
  • Languages (e.g., conversation in French, German, Spanish)
  • Cultural outings (e.g., galleries and sights)
  • Table games (e.g., bridge, mah jongg)

We want to hear from YOU about your interests and those sections you find especially relevant. We do hope you will participate in many sections (and start off new ones).

  • UCLA Faculty Women's Club is proud to announce our October General Meeting. Our guest speakers, Barbara J. Natterson-Horowitz, MD and Kathryn Bowers will be speaking about "Zoobiquity: A species-spanning approach to health." The topic describes and discusses a relatively new interdisciplinary approach to medicine that brings together physicians and veterinarians to treat the diseases shared by humans and many similar species. 
Dr. Barbara Natterson-Horowitz (R) and Kathryn Bowers (L) were the speakers at our first General Meeting

For details on this topic, please visit:
Two books were raffled at the general meeting: by the speakers, another by Ercegovac.
Rochelle Caballero was the recipient of Zorana's book.
Ray Dewey performed on the piano in honor of Daniel Pearl World Music Days. To learn more both about Daniel Pearl and Judea Pearl, please visit the story about the Turing Award Winner Professor Judea Pearl. The photo of the Pearls with Joyce and Zorana was taken at the Symposium celebrating Judea's Award, October 22 at UCLA.

Announcements: President Zorana Ercegovac announced that Professor Lloyd Shapley won a Nobel Prize in economics. His late wife was our Faculty Women's Club member for many years. From the story by D. Romero:
He's the sixth Nobel laureate from the Westwood school, according to UCLA. The 89-year-old shares the prize with Alvin E. Roth of Harvard. Here's why:
Both the winners' research focused on how to best match "agents" -- buyer and seller, say -- in financial and other markets, according to the Nobel folks. Shapley is a noted game theorist and UCLA professor emeritus of economics whose work dates back to the 1950s and '60s.
Mr. Shapley explained how individuals can be paired together in a stable match even when they disagree about what qualities make the right match. The paper focused on designing an ideal, perfectly stable marriage market: that is, how mates find one another in a fair way, so that no one who is already married would want (and be able) to break off and pair up with someone else who is already married.
It was an elegant and simple mathematical model that explained the optimal way to match up men and women, and it was all written in basic English rather than complicated mathematical jargon.
Zorana Ercegovac President, UCLA FWC 2012-2013

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A life-LOng Healthy America -- ALOHA

  • A life-LOng Healthy America:

Having the best resources for any phase of lifelong learning and development is critical especially now when information is plentiful and available. What are the first best sources? I have decided to include just a handful of these sources that can help us navigate this life-cycle of growing and learning.
Older Americans 2010: Key Indicators of Well-being reports the latest data on the 37 key indicators selected to describe those aspects of the lives of older Americans and their families in the areas of economics, health status, health risks and behaviors, and health care.
- American Geriatrics Society, the organization of experts in older adult care, publishes their 
- National Institute of Health (NIH) puts out 
SeniorHealth. “Built with You in Mind,” this site gives you exercise stories, health videos, and wellness information for older adults on A-Z topics.
Healthy to 100 is developed by the University of California at Irvine.
Suffering from arthritis pain? Visit the arthritis foundation website. Explore specific sources such as fitness.

A source based out of UC San Francisco to explore hot topics and trends in Geriatrics and Palliative Care: GeriPal

UCLA eventsLA Weekly ArtScene, and VisualArtSource

Zorana is 90th President of the UCLA's Faculty Women's Club
Write back and suggest other sites and ideas, we'd like to hear from you.ENJOY !
Check our web page regularly for

Summer Reading?
Check the titles I’m recommending in my 

CATALOG and explore other titles while you are there. 
More to come, so check periodically !Acknowledgment goes to Una E. Makris, M.D. for some of the sources in the ALOHA section.

Top from left to right: Marjorie, Dagmar, Zorana, Joy, Feli, Rochelle, Phyllis, Geraldine, Patti, Myra
Bottom from left to right (seated): Bette, Shirley, Helen, Mychaelyn, Glorya, MaryLou, Sandy

Top left to right: Rochelle, Marjorie, Feli, Ellen, Zorana, Dagmar, Susan, Pat, Bette, Dianne, Shirley
Bottom left to right: Louisa, MaryAnn, Michaelyn, Glorya, MaryLou

Created and updated by Zorana Ercegovac

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

UCLA Faculty Women's Club: Annual Spring Luncheon

Our Annual Spring Luncheon
honoring past UCLA FWC Presidents is HERE

When: May 15, 2012
Where: Hacienda Room, Faculty Center at UCLA
Time: 11:30 am

Lunch: 12 Noon
Program: 1 pm
A CONVERSATION about New Trends in Hotels and Restaurants in LA
Our special guests include:
Stephane Bombet Managing Partner, co-owner of Picca Peruvian restaurant and
Sam Jagger General Manager of Mr. C. Hotel.

Meet FWC past presidents, the Board, find old friends, introduce yourself, enjoy the luncheon and conversation with the guests.

Learn about the HISTORY of the UCLA Faculty Women's Club, our SCHOLARSHIP Program, SPECIAL INTEREST SECTIONS, and more !!

Consider carpooling
Spring Luncheon 2012 (Zorana & Rochelle)

Bette, Marjorie, Glorya & Michaelyn

Susan at the Spring Luncheon

Dr. Fonkalsrud, President of EAB, toasting to creativity 

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Future of the UCLA Faculty Center

William McDonald, President, and Joseph Nagy, President-Elect of the Board of Governors of the UCLA Faculty Center will speak on Tuesday, April 17 at 1:30 PM at UCLA Faculty Center.

Daily Bruin has published an article, "Center proposal faces another setback," outlining major concerns both by the UC Board of Regents and by the UCLA students. Here's the link of the full article for you to read before we hear the speakers and subsequent QA. Bring lots of questions. It should be timely, informative and lively discussion.

Why I personally like the UCLA Faculty Center? A few photos capture the spirit of the Center that I have known for the past 37 years. It has been an intellectual AGORA for the UCLA. For an Athenian citizens, Agora meant a single place in polis where they democratically debated political, societal, commercial, judicial, ethical, and other issues of the day ! Don't we?

The only place on campus that is certified to sell alcoholic beverage

The lounge serves espresso in a wi-fi space

California native plants grace the entire facility
zorana ercegovac, ph.d.
historian/archivist UCLA FWC 2010-2012
President-Elect UCLA FWC 2012-2013
(aka LibraryViolets)
Free library collection and pool are in the wi-fi space;
members borrow the collections of books and periodicals
Conference room: California Room
well attended, AV is provided as well as food
Dining hall and the outside patio are typically full;
an adjacent lounge serves beverage, coffee, tea, and alcohol

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wendy Greuel & Alice Walton talk with UCLA FWC members

Read The City Maven about LA politics and policies.
Wonderful conversation about "Women's Issues in Los Angeles" by our today's panelists, Wendy Greuel (UCLA bruin) and Alice Walton, with FWC attendees.

Wendy Greuel is City Controller of Los Angeles, the second woman to be elected to a citywide office in the City's history.

Wendy defined a leader in terms of the following attributes:
a) to set goals and meet them; b) to not be afraid that some people will be angry with your decisions (cannot please everyone); c) to champion those issues you feel strongly about.

The March 20th general meeting concluded with an annual business meeting that included election of the executive board officers and recognition of Section Chairs.

The elected UCLA FWC 2012-2013 officers are:

President: Zorana Ercegovac
Vice-president, Programs: Bette Billet
Vice-president, Sections: Dagmar Lestrel
Recording Secreatry: Helen Nefkens
Corresponding Secretary: Phyllis Amboss
Treasurer: Geraldine Walter
Historian: Debby Wagger

Monday, March 5, 2012


This post includes bits of information about new members!
Joy S. Frank, Ph.D., Prof. Emerita
Department of Medicine and Physiology, former Senior Associate Dean for research, UCLA's David Geffen School of Medicine.

Joy Frank joins our Executive Board and will be our Scholarship Chair 2012-2013

Myra Porter
Myra will be joining our Executive Board, 2012-2013


Saturday, February 11, 2012


Some of the exciting initiatives will be announced and described here.

One of these new efforts is this BLOG itself.

UCLA Faculty Women’s Club has a newly created blog : The main purpose is to regularly and frequently communicate information of interest to the membership of the UCLA FWC. The entries, published as discrete posts, are displayed chronologically so that the most recent entry appears first. As a flexible vehicle for sharing information between and among the FWC members, the blog may be viewed as an informal medium that encourages viewing and creating new contents.

The content of individual posts varies, and may include information about our general meetings, new members, and the executive board officers. Other sources are also available such as the historical perspective of the Club, its purpose, Special Interest Sections, and more. Blogging is seen as flexible medium to share recorded messages, individual journals, photos, special moments, and opinions.

When I created this BLOG in February 2012, I had envisioned a single place where any UCLA FWC member could contribute a post toward building a collective MEMORY of the UCLA Faculty Women's Club.

To get started, join in by signing into the site and become a “follower.” From there, simply follow the instructions that will be displayed on the screen.

Here are some TIPS for blogging.

The name LibraryViolets is my name as a blogger. So, when you see the name libraryviolets, don't delete the message.
Will discuss more at our Board Meeting.

In general, take a minute to navigate the screen and observe its layout. The screen is divided into several sections. The main text is in the left quad; table of content page is in the right column in addition to the place where you will be signing into the blog. The bottom part is reserved for your comments, notes, and threads.


Seventy-six Years of UCLA FWC PROGRAMS

Our Past President Phyllis Amboss (2009-2010) compiled Programs with corresponding speaker names. The list is arranged chronologically starting with the 1934-1935 school year. This will be uploaded here.

Zorana Ercegovac, Historian/Archivist 2010-2012 (nominated for President 2012-2013) has organized these Programs by topics. This too will be uploaded in Spring of 2012. The Introduction follows.

Introduction Note

Past President Phyllis Amboss prepared a document titled Seventy Five Years of Faculty Women’s Club Programs. This document, dated June 8, 2011, is available in paper and on disc. It is organized chronologically by date with corresponding speaker’s name and topic of presentation. The chronological arrangement allows one to search programs by date only and not by TOPIC. If you were interested in topics that were of interest to FWC over time, you would have to sequentially go through the 14-page document. This is what I did in this first cut analysis.

I wanted to answer the question, what is been presented at FWC Programs, 1934 to present? This represents the evolution of general themes, levels of interests and activities of FWC membership.

I pulled the TOPICS in the left column and listed them alphabetically both as general topics and related subtopics; all these appeared in actual programs. In addition, I created another column for specific NOTES. The field Notes has been created by tallying the number of times a given topic, for example music, has been presented as well as other characteristics associated with it.

The purpose of this analysis is to:

  • Inform the FWC about programming efforts, 1934-present
  • Facilitate our Board Membership in planning future program
  • Describe frequency, range and variety of topics, possible gaps, and correlations with historical and current events (e.g., political, foreign relations, economic, social, health, women’s issues)
  • Identify possible trends in the presented programs

This is work in progress, voluntary, and seeking your input and feedback.

UCLA Faculty Women's Club

Our Executive Board Meeting with Dianne Homsher and Susan Shemin as they finalize their Brochure (UCLA FWC since 1918)!

The UCLA Faculty Women’s Club welcomes faculty spouses, faculty, and administrative staff to join in the social and educational activities of the organization. Activities include six general meetings annually featuring topical speakers and approximately twenty special interest groups that meet weekly, bi-monthly or monthly according to the desires of the participants. See Calendar for specific dates. One of the oldest UCLA support groups on campus, founded in 1918, the organization focuses on social interaction and the awarding of student scholarships.

For details, please visit FWC's Constitution, History, Membership, the Executive Board as well as past presidents and announcements.