Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wendy Greuel & Alice Walton talk with UCLA FWC members

Read The City Maven about LA politics and policies.
Wonderful conversation about "Women's Issues in Los Angeles" by our today's panelists, Wendy Greuel (UCLA bruin) and Alice Walton, with FWC attendees.

Wendy Greuel is City Controller of Los Angeles, the second woman to be elected to a citywide office in the City's history.

Wendy defined a leader in terms of the following attributes:
a) to set goals and meet them; b) to not be afraid that some people will be angry with your decisions (cannot please everyone); c) to champion those issues you feel strongly about.

The March 20th general meeting concluded with an annual business meeting that included election of the executive board officers and recognition of Section Chairs.

The elected UCLA FWC 2012-2013 officers are:

President: Zorana Ercegovac
Vice-president, Programs: Bette Billet
Vice-president, Sections: Dagmar Lestrel
Recording Secreatry: Helen Nefkens
Corresponding Secretary: Phyllis Amboss
Treasurer: Geraldine Walter
Historian: Debby Wagger

Monday, March 5, 2012


This post includes bits of information about new members!
Joy S. Frank, Ph.D., Prof. Emerita
Department of Medicine and Physiology, former Senior Associate Dean for research, UCLA's David Geffen School of Medicine.

Joy Frank joins our Executive Board and will be our Scholarship Chair 2012-2013

Myra Porter
Myra will be joining our Executive Board, 2012-2013