Thursday, May 18, 2017

FWC Annual Spring Luncheon 2017

Just a step before our historic Centennial Celebratory year 2017-2018, we honored Pat Hardwick as the FWC Outstanding member at the Annual Spring Luncheon 2017. She has been with FWC for almost 60 years, and has actively participated in a variety of significant and enduring programs, projects, and activities. Details are published in our UPDATE by Jo Knopoff, who nominated Pat for this Award.

Pat Hardwick (with yellow rose and the FWC Outstanding Member Award 2017)
with Charlotte Brown and Jo Knopoff (from left) and Penny Hutchinson

Pat Hardwick (center) receiving her Outstanding FWC Member Award
Carol Betti (left) President and Zorana Ercegovac, Past Presidents Panel Co-chair

Penny Hutchinson about to blow out her birthday candle
and wish her wish with Jo Knopoff (center) and Yda Ziment,
our new member, at the FWC Annual Spring Luncheon 2017

Jeffrey Ho, cellist, playing J.S. Bach's Allemande and prelude in G major
Sarah Worden, violinist, performing Adagio and Fugue in g minor

Dr. Lorraine Flint, with the U.S. Geological Survey, speaking at the Spring Luncheon
about her research on climate change

Barbara Lippe, FWC President Elect, exhibiting her art pieces at the Annual Art Show 

Finally, past presidents are traditionally honored with a yellow rose