Wednesday, June 5, 2013

UCLA Faculty Women's Club : Spring Luncheon, may 21st 2013

FWC Spring Luncheon, May 21st 2013, was a great success, well attended, and superbly organized. Our featured speaker, Dr. Linda Sarna, professor and Lulu Wolf Hassenplug Endowed Chair at the UCLA School of Nursing, explained her work in her presentation, "Making UCLA Tobacco-Free: We've Come a Long Way, Baby!" Mrs. Carol Block, our Chancellor's wife was also in the attendance. 

Zorana Ercegovac, UCLA FWC President 2012-2013, was presented with a beautiful gift from the FWC Executive Board members.
Description: It is a hand painted lacquer jewelry box with the lid made of an abalone shell with a seascape at the sunset and sail-ship (inside). Two mermaids grace the outer cover of the box. The box is paper-mache with multi-layer varnish and polish. As you will see in the attached photos, the gift is truly beautiful in shape, design, colors, and quality.
Symbolically, the sail-ship will luckily take me to Germany and St. Petersburg next week, and mermaids promise a short but rich White Nights to celebrate and enjoy.
THANK YOU! have a wonderful summer. Looking forward to working with you again ~

The UCLA FWC Spring Luncheon, May 21st 2013, is the opportunity to meet and greet, recognize our numerous accomplishments, honor our past presidents and the long tradition (since 1918), take photos of our attendees, and much more.

Below is a sample of our Luncheon members and guests; more will be uploaded and streamed as we have them available :-)
Linda Sarna, Bette Billet, Zorana Ercegovac, Carol Block, Sonny Harris, Milos, Anne Bodenheimer

Beautiful ladies: Geraldine, Debby, Joyce, Claudia, Madonna, Rochelle, Sofia

Glorya, Louisa, Sandy, Geraldine, Dianne, Elaine, Mary Lou

Joy, Helen, Shirley, Jo, Ida, Barbara, with Shirley's guest

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The intimate theater scene in Los Angeles

UCLA Faculty Women's Club invited Mr. Simon Levy and Mr. Brian Kite as presenters at the April 16th General Meeting. Mr. Levy is a playwright and producing director for the Fountain Theater in Hollywood, named "one of this country's best intimate regional houses" by the Wall Street Journal. Mr. Levy was interviewed regarding the state of theater arts in Los Angeles by Mr. Brian Kite, visiting associate professor, UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television.

Here are several photos from today's meeting, held at the UCLA's Faculty Center.

Simon Levy at the UCLA's Faculty Center

Brian Kite of UCLA's TFT

Zorana Ercegovac, President 2012-2013 and Betty Billet, President elect

Welcome and introductions to the General Meeting, April 16th 2013

Simon, Betty, Brian
Here is our May/June 2013 UPDATE

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Faculty Women's Club in the PRESS

<--At the 2013 FWC Scholarship Dinne
Honoring our scholarship recipients.
From left: Our Speaker Elissa Hallem, Milos Ercegovac, Zorana Ercegovac, Angela Susak -- Ph.D. candidate in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, Bette Billet, Gerry Frank, Ngoc Bui --majoring in biochemistry, & Joy Frank.
Honoring Alyssa Fine -- Nursing, with Andrian and Sonny Harris, 
Claudia Mitchell-Kernan, the Nagys and the Spolskys

Emin Menachekanian -- one of our awardee, with Cathy Kersh Millstein,
the Ambosses, and Rapoports

Reliving the Past is the title of an article that has just been published in UCLA's Daily Bruin (March , 2013). Here is its online version for you:

The Project started back in November 2012 when current FWC President Zorana Ercegovac met with Jillian Beck of the Daily Bruin to propose a possibility to write a story about the Faculty Women's Club. Jillian was excited about our many varied and interesting programs and activities that the Club offers; that was the beginning of this collaborative project.

I want to thank so many of our members who enthusiastically participated in the project in many different ways. In particular, I want to thank Marjorie Friedlander, Pat Hardwick, Glorya Dixon, Sonny Harris, Joanne Knopoff, and Joy Frank who were interviewed by Daily Bruin reporters for the story. The Oral History Project, as described in the Daily Bruin, is one among many new initiatives that we have started to address and embrace during my presidency, 2012-2013. It aims to collect, record, and preserve personal experiences from the FWC members who have been active with various programs and activities since the 1960s -- at the time when they were particularly active. Listen to the stories that are shared by Marjorie and Pat in the video clips that are included in the Daily Bruin story.

UCLA FWC 2013 Scholarship Dinner: 
Honoring our Scholarship awardees