Friday, April 13, 2012

The Future of the UCLA Faculty Center

William McDonald, President, and Joseph Nagy, President-Elect of the Board of Governors of the UCLA Faculty Center will speak on Tuesday, April 17 at 1:30 PM at UCLA Faculty Center.

Daily Bruin has published an article, "Center proposal faces another setback," outlining major concerns both by the UC Board of Regents and by the UCLA students. Here's the link of the full article for you to read before we hear the speakers and subsequent QA. Bring lots of questions. It should be timely, informative and lively discussion.

Why I personally like the UCLA Faculty Center? A few photos capture the spirit of the Center that I have known for the past 37 years. It has been an intellectual AGORA for the UCLA. For an Athenian citizens, Agora meant a single place in polis where they democratically debated political, societal, commercial, judicial, ethical, and other issues of the day ! Don't we?

The only place on campus that is certified to sell alcoholic beverage

The lounge serves espresso in a wi-fi space

California native plants grace the entire facility
zorana ercegovac, ph.d.
historian/archivist UCLA FWC 2010-2012
President-Elect UCLA FWC 2012-2013
(aka LibraryViolets)
Free library collection and pool are in the wi-fi space;
members borrow the collections of books and periodicals
Conference room: California Room
well attended, AV is provided as well as food
Dining hall and the outside patio are typically full;
an adjacent lounge serves beverage, coffee, tea, and alcohol