Friday, April 13, 2012

The Future of the UCLA Faculty Center

William McDonald, President, and Joseph Nagy, President-Elect of the Board of Governors of the UCLA Faculty Center will speak on Tuesday, April 17 at 1:30 PM at UCLA Faculty Center.

Daily Bruin has published an article, "Center proposal faces another setback," outlining major concerns both by the UC Board of Regents and by the UCLA students. Here's the link of the full article for you to read before we hear the speakers and subsequent QA. Bring lots of questions. It should be timely, informative and lively discussion.

Why I personally like the UCLA Faculty Center? A few photos capture the spirit of the Center that I have known for the past 37 years. It has been an intellectual AGORA for the UCLA. For an Athenian citizens, Agora meant a single place in polis where they democratically debated political, societal, commercial, judicial, ethical, and other issues of the day ! Don't we?

The only place on campus that is certified to sell alcoholic beverage

The lounge serves espresso in a wi-fi space

California native plants grace the entire facility
zorana ercegovac, ph.d.
historian/archivist UCLA FWC 2010-2012
President-Elect UCLA FWC 2012-2013
(aka LibraryViolets)
Free library collection and pool are in the wi-fi space;
members borrow the collections of books and periodicals
Conference room: California Room
well attended, AV is provided as well as food
Dining hall and the outside patio are typically full;
an adjacent lounge serves beverage, coffee, tea, and alcohol


  1. I agree with the idea that members of the FWC should give comments and opinions about the Faculty Center so that we can develop a plan how to help the Faculty Center. As a member of the Faculty Center I applaud this action.

  2. Looking forward to hearing the voices of our members, that is the UCLA Faculty Women's Club members, on their perception of the overall operation of the facility, services, programs, and strategies. Our Faculty Center Representative(s) work so hard, and here we offer yet another forum that will capture and express the members' views.

    I want to thank each and every one of you who has constructively offered suggestions on the future of the Faculty Center.

  3. I believe the Faculty Center is considered a second home to the FWC. One major problem has been access. Each time you go, you tack on another $11.00 to whatever you spend there. There've also been difficulties in finding a parking space in the building, sometimes causing people to be late to events. I know we've worked with them to set aside spaces for our events but don't believe this has been a well-implemented plan. Would it be possible to arrange to send inter-campus bus availability to members who park off-campus? Also, could the UCLA bus pick up at the Westwood Village large parking structure?

    The staff is excellent with the exception of the A/V staff who often don't set up on time, bring the wrong equipment, neglect to bring proper cords, etc., don't know how to solve problems associated with the equipment, or otherwise disrupt the easy flow of putting on meetings.

    The food is generally good with the exception of the cafe. This is a wonderful, cozy room with the worst coffee! The person running it is often not around and often doesn't understand enough English to help when he is there.

    I love our Faculty Center and hope these comments may bring some improvements.
    --NOTE: Author of the above post did not sign into the blog--this is copied from her email dated April 22, 2012. This will be removed if the author requested so.


    Eli danced at the Faculty Center's memorial for his grandfather, for those of you who would like to remember who this is.

    Here is a personal update to me, written by his mother:

    Eli made the last round (only 3 twelve year olds did) and as a result, he got to dance his solo at Lincoln Center.
    It slayed Jay and me. The top 3 awards went to older boys (13 and 14) in the end.

    But he was approached by Paris Opera Ballet, 2nd only to Royal. She told him he is doing great work, which is apparently a big deal if they even speak to you. They don't hand out scholarships. Only a chance to audition for the school. Waiting to hear if Eli was one of them who got invited. It's on your dime of course, but at least it's Paris. Je ne regrette rien. He also got a scholarship to ABT.

    Posted by Joyce to Faculty Center at May 3, 2012 11:26 AM

  5. Two years ago I had the wonderful pleasure of traveling to Boston with our late Sylvia Moss. We were going from art museum to art museum, enjoying all the culture we could in the time we had. One day we happened to pass by Harvard University. I asked her if she’d like to check it out, and she heartily agreed. We walked into their Faculty Center and entered a foyer with a huge bouquet of fresh flowers on a round table in the entry.
    To one side was a reception desk. There was a man standing behind it, and I inquired if the two of us would be welcome to have lunch there since Sylvia was a UCLA staff member and I was with the Faculty Women’s Club. He not only welcomed us, but volunteered the information that we were as sister schools; that very often our professors visit their Faculty Center and they, ours. He was very happy to have us. He even revealed that they would honor our membership cards for payment (which we declined.)

    In enjoying our beautiful surroundings and fabulous meal, I couldn’t help but say to Sylvia that I wondered what she thought the accumulated I.Q. in the room might be. You could just feel the intelligence in the air amongst all the suited men and well-dressed ladies.

    Be cognizant that if you travel to Boston your visit would be enhanced by a welcoming home-away-from-home.

    Joyce Glantz